Starting in January 2015 we will be learning painting methods learned through Sargent, reinforced by David Boyd Jr. through his workshop. These methods of underpainting and capturing the moment; we will take apart and put back together again in order to establish what we have learned. If you wanted to jump into the Davis Boyd workshop, now is the chance to get what we learned and hold on to it. 
I painted this painting using the techniques learn over the last year. I will instruct you step by step using a photo of this setting.

My view

Watercolor sketches

Oil on linen
9x12 available

This session(March 2014) we are painting simple classical still life. We will first paint our subject realistic, then impressionistic, and finally abstract.

   This was the series of demos illustrating how back ground color and value change the the subject.
   Warm verses cool creates a completely different dynamic. When you put a warm subject against a
    cool background it causes your subject to pop and also creates balance. Notice how the gray is warm
   and it causes the the shadow to become just as important as the rose. Then the cool gray behind the                             rose makes it come forward and become more important.

Sargent copies and inspired student works in progress....

                                                                by Denise Marsh

                                            by Dina NeSmith and Daphne Eskew

                                                         by Jennifer Kenney

 by Kelley Maddox

This Month and for the next three months, we will be studying John Singer Sargent- And learning his methods and applying them to portraits. We will copy one of his portraits( of your choosing) and will take what we have learned and apply
these techniques to a personal portrait. We will use his palette as closely as we can represent it.
Come join in our journey of discovery and build on your education in painting. Tuesdays @ Out of the Blue Debut 6:30-8:30pm and Thursdays @ Fayetteville studio.

Tuesday                                        Thursday                        
Watercolor-10-12AM                   Open Studio-10-12:00AM
beginner - intermediate                  intermediate - advanced
4 weeks-$60.00                             4 weeks-$60.00

Private-12-4:00PM                          Children 5-12 years 5-6:00PM
$25.00hr.                                       all mediums  4 weeks-$40.00

                                                      Adult Painting 6:30-8:30
Drawing Class-4-6:00PM              oil and acrylics 4 weeks-$60.00
beginner - intermediate
4 weeks-$60.00

Oil and Acrylic-6:30-8:30PM
Beginner - Intermediate
4 weeks-$60.00

Adult Open studio 10-12AM
4 weeks-$60.00

Night @ the Blue
Paint party with the girls, a date, bridal shower or fundraiser.
Everyone paints the same picture. This is a party atmosphere.  Painting for those who wouldn't otherwise think they could. Lead step by step. No experience necessary. It is fun and a great release. All supplies included for $30.00. You just come and enjoy!
A New painting each month! Connect on Facebook for updates on new paintings!

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